Bible is the best gift for change lives and families.

The word of God is the truth. It comes to man from a God who loves him and does not wish that he perishes in his sins. The Bible opens vistas of truth to its reader expressing God’s claims upon man, His plans for him, His interests, and his final destiny depending on the path of life pursued. From the beginning of time God has operated on a principle that laid bare His thoughts, intents and purposes. He proactively shared with the first man in the Garden of Eden providing guidance to him on every necessary issue. In Genesis chapter 1, began the work of creating the universe and man. The bible is clear on exactly how He went about it. He makes no effort to keep information from His creation. If creation itself were a scientific research, God invited the other members of the Godhead when He asked them to join him in the forming of man. He doesn’t stop there, He invites the man He just created to join the ‘experiment’ by inviting him to help give the animals appropriate names (Genesis 2:19). Furthermore, He preempted his questions by telling him His wishes that he prospers and flourishes and also what to eat. From the beginning, God sought to involve others, and also to encourage their participation. Thus God Himself, started by operating a principle of providing unrestricted access to information. This initiative has come to be referred to as open access.