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Life With Christ Church Ministries ministry is very much about women and their  empowerment and In our church today there are many lonely women. Some feel cut off, disconnected, and lonely because they are married to non-believing spouses. Some are widowed, domestic perverts, illiterates. We worked for women and in three dimensions till now.

Our most inspirational program is GULSHAN SEWING CENTERS while project name is ARTISTIC HANDS and it was based on the develop program “End Poverty”. Actually it was designed especially for the Christian prostitutes because many Christian youth and widowed women are getting indulge in his esay money profession. Reson of the prostitutions is low income, domestic environment in which males are thriftless. So, to fulfill the desires of own and to meet the both ends.
Our aim is to turn such type of women from this wicked profession so that they could regret their sinfull belief and earn with honesty and respect.