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Our mission is to revitalize the Church so it becomes the center of the community as it once was and how God intended it to be. Our methods have been proven since 2010. Our process takes one year.

Our results are remarkable and they are measurable.

There are four steps to our process:

Step 1:

Prepare your church for growth. While we are sure the people in your church are very friendly and you would welcome any visitor at your next service, we’ve learned that most first-time visitors leave and don’t return because they were bored, confused and asked to do some things they weren’t comfortable doing. We show you how to change that without changing 1% of your liturgy, DNA, culture or what makes your church special to everyone currently attending.

Step 2:

Grow: thousands of people in your community are looking to solve a felt need in their life. They just don’t know the Church has the solution to every felt need they encounter. We deploy three simple tools in your church that bring a steady stream of first-time, unchurched, visitors to your church. The remarkable thing is we have amazing retention rates. They keep coming back and become members.

Step 3:

Expand: new people are coming to your church because of the “felt need” from Step Two. But do you have the solution in place to solve their felt need? We show you how to expand your small groups and ministries (with volunteers) to meet the needs of everyone who visits. It’s amazing how when we put in place a solution to people’s needs, God starts sending more people.

Step 4:

Sustain: Most churches plateau. You set a goal for how big you’d like to get and when you reach the goal you stop. Yet we can’t find in the Bible where it says, ”Therefore go and make disciples but stop when you reach a certain size.” We’ve learned there are some key plays to run that will allow you to grow year after year.